Single & Childless

The number of one-person households in western societies is growing. Rather than pathologizing or trying to fix this existence, I am interested in helping foster support for and acceptance of this circumstance or choice. Many therapists have a blind spot around singlehood as well as childlessness because they don’t have lived experience, see this life path as wrong, or still assume that everybody should and will eventually get married and have children. Therapists with such a blind spot can cause inadvertent and unintentional harm to single childless folks. For this reason I have compiled a list of therapists in the U.S. who specialize in working with the single childless experience.

Victoria Charles:
(415) 488-6231

Matthew Engel:
(415) 377-7533

Emily Howard:
(415) 255-2604

Nicole Nemiroff:
(415) 484-9934

Fairley Parson:
(415) 915-7200

Brie Pierquet:
(415) 534-9249

Leann Ravenel:
(510) 380-7935

Gregory Tilden:
(510) 859-4889

Darshana Weill:
(415) 578-0785

Jesse Lee Westfall:
(510) 342-9707

Johanna Karasik:
(720) 295-2599

Jessika Austad:
(651) 800-1814

Virginia Abell:
(904) 872-8422

Megan Kelly:
(260) 799-1447

Adam Duberstein:
(248) 658-8070

Jessika Austad:
(651) 800-1814

Molly Stremba:
(530) 331-0011

Molly Stremba:
(530) 331-0011

Kristen Verge:
(845) 603-2026

Jesse Lee Westfall:
(510) 342-9707

Emily Morehead:
(469) 496-1693

Rae McWilliams:
(346) 702-0072

If you would like to be added to this list or recommend anyone else, please contact me: