Meet my colleague Joe Puma

Joe Puma

Joe is a great therapist who will be seeing clients out of my office in the Mission starting December 1st. His specialties are trauma, grief, parenting, body image, polyamory, kink, anxiety, and depression, and he likes to work with athletes and veterans. If you would like to make an appointment with Joe, you can call him at (918) 260-4417. To find out more about him, visit his profile at the Bay Area Gestalt Institute.

If you want to accelerate your growth

My friend Jacqui Lauderbaugh is an amazing energy healer. She practices in Alameda at JQ Intuitive Counseling. In one 70-minute session with her you can experience the growth, shifts and healing of about 4 to 100 regular talk therapy sessions. The metric “4 to 100” is a gross estimate – your mileage may vary. I don’t mean to dismiss the value of talk therapy – I’m a therapist after all! I think it’s very helpful and healing to have someone skilled to talk to on a weekly basis that you are also building an intimate and trusting relationship with. And if you are ready for a burst or a sprint in your healing journey, Jacqui might be your person. I highly recommend her energy work.

Recovering from Childhood Emotional Neglect

According to Jonice Webb, Ph.D., Childhood Emotional Neglect happens when your parents fail to adequately respond to your emotional needs as they arise in you. If you grew up in this way, you are inevitably suppressing or walling off your emotions as an adult because you were taught that your emotions aren’t important. Childhood Emotional Neglect is largely invisible, and therein lies its power. It is a type of trauma but, unlike abuse, it is characterized not by an event or a presence but by a non-event or an absence.

Symptoms of Childhood Emotional Neglect:

    • Inner emptiness
    • Guilt, shame, anger, blame
    • Fear of depending on and trusting others
    • Lack of self-compassion
    • “There is something wrong with me”
    • Difficulty identifying and expressing emotions

What we can do
Healing happens by accessing and valuing your emotions. When you know and value yourself on the inside, you can start to change your life on the outside. Call or email me to get started on this process.

Psychedelic Integration

I am happy to share that I am featured in the Psychedelic Integration List on the M.A.P.S. (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) website. My blurb from the M.A.P.S. website:

I enjoy supporting people in healing their vulnerable hurt parts so that the protective parts that get in the way of aliveness or contentment, such as shame or the inner critic, don’t have to work as hard to keep you stuck. I strongly believe that psychedelic experiences can help in this process because they allow those protective parts to relax.

It’s all true!

New art in my office

As a psychotherapist working with shame, self-esteem and the inner critic, I like to focus more on making use of your choices when you uncover that you are already good enough and less on healing your so-called broken parts. Together we can explore the masks you wear to hide the parts of yourself you consider too shameful to share with others, the striving to be something you are not or don’t even want to be, the unrealistic expectations you may place on yourself and others. I propose that being comfortable in your own skin, whether you are alone or with others, is better than perfection. Psychotherapy can help shed those uncomfortable skins and masks that are borne from shame and may no longer serve you. Those that do serve you we can keep but let’s be choiceful about that process.

I’m in love with this new piece of art I recently added to the walls of my office. It is by the German mural artist duo Herakut.

Better than perfection
Art by Herakut

This piece of art captures my values as a therapist perfectly. Pun intended.

Visible on Nextdoor now

I am excited that I am now featured as a business on Nextdoor. I am listed in the NE Mission Industrial Zone as that is the neighborhood in which my office is located. I am visible to Nextdoor members of any neighborhood in which I have been recommended by other Nextdoor members. Currently I am visible in about half of the San Francisco neighborhoods, and I am hoping to increase my reach to all of San Francisco. Recommend me in your neighborhood!